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Association of Psychologists in Bulgaria

Our mission is to raise the quality and image of psychology in Bulgaria

Our goals: Confirming the positions of psychology as a key science for the benefit of society. Organization of seminars, courses, lectures and trainings. Acquaintance of the general public with the activities of the association and, in particular, with the work of psychologists. Promoting mental health care as just as important as physical care. Informing the public about the psychologist’s responsibilities and field of activity. Care for the future of young people, through their assistance in the process of their professional improvement and realization. Protection of the professional interests of psychologists and psychology students, assistance in solving questions related to their professional problems. Improving the quality and image of psychology in academic communities. Expert and methodological assistance in various spheres of public life, where psychology has its place: social sphere, education, healthcare, business, culture, sports, politics and others. Supporting the publication activity of young psychologists by issuing own printed publications and maintaining an online library. Achieving and maintaining European standards in the following spheres of public life: social, educational and cultural. Interaction with other non-governmental organizations in the country and abroad and all activities that do not contradict the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria.


Provision of any information regarding professional performance opportunities for young psychologists and psychology students. Implementation of concrete steps to protect the interests and rights of young psychologists. Organization of events supporting professional improvement; trainings, seminars, conferences, discussions on current issues, etc. in psychology, social sciences and humanities. Ensuring contacts and cooperation with other professional and public unions, movements and groups related to the goals and tasks of the AYPB. Participation and implementation of projects of scientific research and social significance – independently or in collaboration with other organizations, institutions and specialists. Development of an active international activity for the inclusion of young psychologists, in particular and young people in general, to the European and global professional and civil communities. Development and implementation of ideas in support of civil society in the Republic of Bulgaria. Helping young people in Bulgaria in their personal and professional development. Implementation of activities in the field of mental health, counseling, preventive activities, education, social assistance and others in the service and assistance of society.

The association holds licenses from :


– Ministry of Labor and Social Policy

– Center for social rehabilitation and integration of children and adults

– Day center for adults

Petya Sabeva – chairman

Address: Varna,
5 “Nikola Kozlev” Street


Web site:

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